Self Assessment Tax Returns Service

£180.00 takes away the hassle and worry of self-assessment with our Tax Return service.

If the thought of filling in your own tax return fills you with dread, you're not alone. Many people find it complicated and time-consuming so it's no wonder that almost 1 million people a year are fined for failing to return it to H M Revenue & Customs. Worse still errors by H M Revenue & Customs are regularly reported, one in four tax returns are calculated incorrectly. For just £180.00 , our self assessment tax return service will:

  • deal with all your tax affairs

  • include employment income, pensions, benefits and expenses

  • plus capital gains, investments and 1 rental property

  • complete your tax return and all necessary schedules

  • calculate your tax position

  • send you a full copy and explanatory notes

  • file your return online to H M Revenue & Customs

  • deal with the Revenue on your behalf

  • be available for all your tax queries and questions

“Over the past five years my tax affairs/returns and subsequent letters were a headache, never seemed to get it right. Not any more. Your questionnaire was easy to understand and complete...I commend the polite, professional response experienced each occasion I have contacted Agricounts Accountants."

- Mr Weaver, Derbyshire

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