The importance of out of hours support

We’re always delighted to receive positive feedback from our customers – especially when it’s positive feedback about our dedicated support services.

We’ve always placed a lot of importance on offering our users access to free support and guidance by both email and phone, because we know how much our customers value such a service. Whether it’s someone who’s new to using cloud-based software, or someone who’s experienced with accounting software but wants to get as much as possible out of the system, we’re always happy to help – and that includes offering out of hours support as well.

That’s why it means so much to us when we get a great response from our customers, such as the one below:

The nature of running a small business means that many people are too busy to do their accounting during the standard ‘nine to five’ working week. Instead, many only have time to do their accounting on the weekend or evenings, so we need to be there to help them when they do. Of course, it’s also very pleasing to hear from our customers about things we’re doing well.

If you’re ever in need of help or have a question about using our accounting software, rest assured that we’ll always be happy to support you. Take a look at how you can contact us here.

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